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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thigh high; Sky high

Thigh high boots are ALL OVER the catwalk for 2009-2010. They are for Fall/Winter. I love what Hussein Chalayan did, adding the garter belt to the top of the boot. That gives it a sexy bondage look without being trashy. I think I like this trend, because I'm not a fan of wearing pants. It's either skirts/leggings/dresses or long t-shirts and this way I don't always have to pair everything with a pair of tights even though I love tights. I already own a pair of thigh high boots, but I can't wait until they become popular so I don't have to hunt high and low for them, although then EVERYONE will be wearing them so it's not always a good thing when items become popular. I'll just wear them better :) xx

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