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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Gypsy Crystal Ball

Anna Sui for Fall/Winter 09-10. I know we're only in July 2009, but 
I can't help and look at new lines. I have never really checked out Anna Sui all I know is that she is also creating a line with Target inspired by Gossip Girl. Which also has the same feel as her fall/winter line. The design of these clothes are flattering to every woman I think. It has the old 1912 feel to them. The neck line, the sleeves. But then she also added a gypsy/bohemian feel to some of the clothes. Like the jackets they're cut and fit look very free also with a military feel to them. I am also seeing ALOT of boots on the runway for fall and winter. Mid calf to thigh high boots. I can't wait for winter. 

This dress with the purple and blue is personally one of my favorites. I love the construction of the dress. 

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