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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thigh high; Sky high

Thigh high boots are ALL OVER the catwalk for 2009-2010. They are for Fall/Winter. I love what Hussein Chalayan did, adding the garter belt to the top of the boot. That gives it a sexy bondage look without being trashy. I think I like this trend, because I'm not a fan of wearing pants. It's either skirts/leggings/dresses or long t-shirts and this way I don't always have to pair everything with a pair of tights even though I love tights. I already own a pair of thigh high boots, but I can't wait until they become popular so I don't have to hunt high and low for them, although then EVERYONE will be wearing them so it's not always a good thing when items become popular. I'll just wear them better :) xx

My Gypsy Crystal Ball

Anna Sui for Fall/Winter 09-10. I know we're only in July 2009, but 
I can't help and look at new lines. I have never really checked out Anna Sui all I know is that she is also creating a line with Target inspired by Gossip Girl. Which also has the same feel as her fall/winter line. The design of these clothes are flattering to every woman I think. It has the old 1912 feel to them. The neck line, the sleeves. But then she also added a gypsy/bohemian feel to some of the clothes. Like the jackets they're cut and fit look very free also with a military feel to them. I am also seeing ALOT of boots on the runway for fall and winter. Mid calf to thigh high boots. I can't wait for winter. 

This dress with the purple and blue is personally one of my favorites. I love the construction of the dress. 

Pretty in Pink

Pink is not always my color of choice. But when I see pink I just think of youth and bubbly personalities. These photographs are just happy and unique and young.

Tim Burton is everything I aspire to be

Vogue UK from November 2008. Tim Burton (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach...) is in front of the camera this time instead of behind. I am a huge theatre/movie geek so I am constantly looking for and am drawn towards fashion editorials with stories behind them or a picture that is telling a story. So to put it simply, I am in love with these photographs. 

Woolrich Woolen Mills F/W 09

Designer Daiki Suzuki drew inspiration from vintage outdoor fishing and hunting catalogs to inspire his new line for the fall and winter of 09. I love the old lumber jack feel and these clothes just remind me of my grandfather who smelt of cigarettes and peppermints. I just love these pieces and they don't have to be worn as shown, they're so easy to just mix and match. I love the formal mixed with the casual, sleep look. I like when I see clothes designed for men, interesting pieces that is. I feel like men are sometime forgotten when it comes to fashion. It's not just about women. 

Street styles found elsewhere!

This white jumpsuit looks incredibly comfortable. It's sexy and sleek. I'm not usually a fan of the halter top but I like the old fashion/ 50's bathing suit take on this one. A+

This girl, with her rocker look... it's done flawless. I just love those ripped leggings mixed with her boho tie shirt and baggy brown sweater. Who said brown and black don't mix well? 

I love these sandals. Anything gladiator will never go out of style in my life. I love that the studs are the same color as the whole sandal. 

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