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Monday, April 18, 2011

Sam a lam

If there is one man I love it is Sam Shepard. Obviously he is not this young anymore and has aged incredibly. I still love him. He's highly intelligent and extremely talented. He never fixed his teeth either which for some reason makes me so happy.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

These are a few things

Miu Miu

Alexander McQueen

A few things I just came across. I love the grey/silver/blue hair. I need to grow balls and try it! I want to visit Sweden ASAP! I love this McQueen clutch with the ring holes. Perfectly badass for a bitchin person like myself. I also love the baseball, I'll figure out how to make it worth with my wardrobe.


Lady of the Evening

The top shoe is Alexander Wang and this bottom shoe is Gianvito Rossi. Such a 50's/60's inspired look. Couldn't you imagine wearing a chic little robe or a cute baby doll nightie in your little fur shoes sipping your morning coffee and having a morning cigarette. Having a good morning fling your significant other. You could wear them to the market as well but these two shoes are most definitely house shoes to go along with your house robe.

Absolutely Amazing!

Alejandro, don't let me go.

Alejandro Ingelmo FALL 2011

Growing up my mother was always a true believer in NEVER wearing white after Labor Day. Which means white is just not a good color for the Fall/Winter months. However, if done correctly white can be a fabulous Fall/Winter color.
It has to be done right though. This shoe, the 2nd one, seems to have a silver undertone.

Regardless, I am loving these two shoes for fall as well!


Hello. Is it me your looking for?

3.1 Phillip Lim FALL 2011 shoe. When I saw this shoe my reaction was ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!
I am a lover of all shoes so long as there is a heel over 5".

This is one of my MUST NEEDS for Fall 2011. Seeing as how I could never afford it... I'm pulling for someone to knock it off for under the 200 price range.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

The toys I want most.

I've wanted a VW van since I was twelve. I would live out of one. I love them. 
Remember that MK&A movie when they get the mustang for their 16th Birthday, I've always wanted a 67' Mustang since then! 
When I have a trailer on set, I want an airstream. They're so 50's, so cute, so chic. I also don't want a house, I want an airstream trailer on 2 acres of land with tons of animals.

Look at this!

The shoes I thought were cool on EBAY, look who is rocking them!? I don't know how I feel about this.

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