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Sunday, May 23, 2010

America was at it's prime

Life was about quality not quantity. 
I was in Macy's today with my mother trying to find her an outfit... I was disgusted. I have not been in a department store in a very long time and I can not tell you how disgusted I was. The prices were outrageous for such cheaply made clothing. Clothing by companies who are 'SUPPOSED' to put out rather nice clothing for department stores. 
Jones of New York, for example. There was this really beautiful dress, I peeked at the price tag which was ONE HUNDRED AND SOMETHING DOLLARS! How ridiculous, I then looked to see what the lining was on the inside and there was none. My mother could sew me that same dress if I found the right fabric. 
What is this world coming too...?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spring Clothing., Part I

We all need black dresses... This one is a good Spring/Summer night FIX!
Paige Premium Denim Flare Jeans... They might look sooo 2005 but I think they are the perfect casual jean for the spring. Cute pair of flats or a nice heel with a loose sheer top. 
I'm feeling the flare this year, no more skinnies. 
 ASOS Jacket. Cool spring day, indeed. I love it. It comes in NAVY but I like the stripes. 

Spring Essentials Part I

Aldo Shoe in BONE. 

TopShop Woven Buckle Shoe.
Christian Louboutin (IN MY DREAMS)
I forget but they were on & I'm in LOVE!
I'm not sure about these ones, but they're chic. 

These are the shoes I want so far... More to come. 
Thank you, SAKS for providing such beauty.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Rachel Zoe

Let me just say... I bought The Rachel Zoe Project S. 1 on DVD at TARGET! It cracks me up and I adore her. 
Lately, I've been obsessed with the 60's/70's vibe not just the bohemian look but the trench coats, bell bottoms, long necklaces, bangles, my Frye Campus boots... I love it all! 
If there's one person today that always reminds me of that time it's Rachel Zoe. 

Photo Credit: & Google Images
Is she too thin? Maybe... But a lot of people in the public eye are super thin. 
Who cares!?! She's Chic!

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