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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spring Clothing., Part I

We all need black dresses... This one is a good Spring/Summer night FIX!
Paige Premium Denim Flare Jeans... They might look sooo 2005 but I think they are the perfect casual jean for the spring. Cute pair of flats or a nice heel with a loose sheer top. 
I'm feeling the flare this year, no more skinnies. 
 ASOS Jacket. Cool spring day, indeed. I love it. It comes in NAVY but I like the stripes. 

Perfect Black Trouser. ASOS, again! 

Currently all I wear is black. Which is great, I love it. But I'm adding color this year and I want these. ASOS!!

I love this jump suit. Jumpsuits and Rompers galore PLEASE!


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