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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My recent findings at Good Will

Having a lack in funds is NOT the way I want things to be :)
There are so many wonderful clothes that I want for this spring/summer.
I keep going to the Good Will store in hopes to find great new things which are cheap. 

Yesterday I went and bought these wonderful wedges with black straps that wrap around my ankle. 5.99! They were nine west. They are a bit big, but I can not seem to find the kind of wedges which I want for this season. Those that are very tall. I hate small heels. I couldn't leave them. I had to buy these and I am so glad I did. I also bought this cut little black purse for 2.99! I love bargains.  Maybe I'll post a photo of what I bought soon!

I am not big on labels. As long as it's something cool and interesting that I like. 
Although there is nothing wrong with having a few designer duds. Hopefully I'll add some into my collection of clothes, very soon :)

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