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Monday, June 14, 2010

BP Oil Spill

These women are protesting outside of the BP headquarters!!
 CEO of BP TONY HAYWARD on the beach where the oil is coming on shore. 
 The oil is now coming up onto shore... killing wild life. It has been nearly two months since the oil spill and it continues to run wild. Granted things like this are hard to stop but I do not believe and I'm pretty sure everyone is with me that we are not using our best efforts. The President is acting like Bush after Katrina... 
I know this post is not about fashion and it's by no means fun but these things need to be brought to life. 
The President is slacking and these CEO's need to be given consequences for their lazy actions. 
Not only is sea life and wild life being ruined but people are dying and will be suffering the effects of this oil spill for the rest of their lives. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE AND QUICKLY!

Photos from NEWSWEEK!!

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