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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Love has no gender


I recently just saw MILK. Which is, in my opinion, one of the greatest films ever made in cinema history. I cry in a lot of movies. But never have I sobbed and still was choked up after the film has ended. Gus Van Sant is a beautiful director. He understands light, people and as a director he creates beautiful pieces of art. No matter how famous the actors in his movie may be. It's the last thing on your mind. I felt as if I was living on Castro street. At the end, I wanted to start a revolution. Harvey Milk was a martyr. He knew what he believed in and would stop at NOTHING to see his visions become a reality. He is an icon in the Gay community and Political renegade. 
What sickens me the most, after all he did and tried to do, over 30 years ago, Gay people still suffer. Some live in fear. People still refuse to accept that Gay and Lesbian exists. I suppose there will always be people like that. They are a minority that is still discriminated against to this day. The thing is Harvey Milk may have been a gay man, fighting for gay rights. But he was fighting for all minorities. Every person that has ever been killed or touched for their race or sexual orientation. He was a martyr for the people. 
Gay people are still not hired for being gay, or fired from their jobs when found out that they are gay. It is still LEGAL in some places to fire a gay man or a lesbian. 
And we the people are too damn lazy now for some reason to change those ideals. 


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